Saturday, November 07, 2015

Choice vs Control

"Those who demand control can't stand competition" (as heard on the Steve Deace radio show/podcast Nov 4, 2015); 

Much hay could be made with these words as they contain a great deal of truth applicable to many domains - though the focus of this blog is vaccines and the lack of personal freedom in medical decision-making regarding vaccination. 

I find the contrast rather stark - most who are labeled "anti-vaccine" are actually rather laissez faire  ... in other words, they do not demand control over others decisions regarding vaccination - and want only the same for themselves. Those who are branded "anti-vaccine" do not seek to prevent those who want to receive vaccinations from getting them - this is hardly an "anti-vaccine" attitude. Many who are characterized as "anti-vaccine" are willing to use vaccines selectively and simply want to decide, with their healthcare provider, which vaccines they (or their children) will, or will not, receive. 

Yet it seems that those who advocate for vaccination are not willing to tolerate anything except total, absolute compliance with any and all vaccines that are approved for use and recommended by a central committee (ACIP - Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) that is far removed from managing any adverse consequences of this medical procedure. 

Those who promote vaccination have been conducting an on-going legal jihad for decades. It began with the formation of a central committee dictating health policy on a national level that set the stage for state and local mandates and now is coming full circle with federal legislation being proposed to mandate vaccination (HR 2232). 

Vaccination - an idea so good people won't demand it of their own free will - or so the overlords fear. 

Such irony - The One Who truly is Lord of Lords and King of Kings (Jesus) is so supremely, and rightly, confident of His sovereignty and power (having proved it by rising physically from the dead) that He does not exert control over our free will (which He built into our design when He created us in the Garden of Eden). It is human rulers who refuse to acknowledge their accountability to The Sovereign God of the universe who grasp all the more tightly at controlling others in regards to vaccination (among many issues).  

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