Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Abortion and vaccines ... Part 5

Worthwhile reading:

This piece, "Villany, Virtue, and Vaccination" by Todd Erzen (@DeaceOnline) was posted to http://www.stevedeace.com this morning, and works an angle on vaccination and abortion that I had not considered. Both medical procedures involve coercion, and both involve widely unacknowledged risk (interestingly enough, more to the child than anyone else in both cases, but at least with vaccination the child generally lives, though not always).

As always, do your own research before making a decision to vaccinate. You can always vaccinate. You can never un-vaccinate.

You can always have an abortion (well, until the baby is born), but once you have an abortion you cannot un-do death - only Jesus can do that ... if you have had an abortion, help is available if you are suffering because of it. You can go to http://afterabortion.org/1999/articles-related-to-post-abortion-healing/ for starters. Or contact your local Pregnancy Resource Center, many of them offer post-abortion healing.

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