Friday, August 01, 2014

Breath of fresh air ...

Leave it to our northern neighbors to come to some common sense conclusions - three Canadian physicians have published an OpEd calling for health care workers to be able to accept or decline flu vaccination rather than imposing a mandate for an intervention with dodgy "evidence" for support (and they extend this to the alternate "choice" of wearing a mask for at least 6 months of the year).

They acknowledge that the over-hyped efficacy and under-stated risks of flu vaccination has eroded the public's trust. The writers of the article chose to get vaccinated because they believe it provides them with some benefit and they encourage others to do so as well - but they don't believe others should be forced to receive the vaccine if they do not want it (regardless of the reason).

I wonder if Canada's ACIP (or its equivalent) has members with conflict of interest issues?
Apparently Canada does not tie payments to healthcare providers/facilities to vaccination status of their employees (another conflict of interest linked to vaccines).

Kudos to Canada - if only the USA would import this kind of common sense.

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